Over 300 Years of Experience

Each partner was selected for the depth and breadth of experience in the pilot controls domain


Samuel Ezran

Unique combination of 6 years as a technical leader, 6 years as a strategy leader, and 6 years as a business leader in pilot controls. Most recently led a $250M P&L with the largest position in pilot controls globally.

Roy Parkes

40 years experience at Boeing in flight and pilot controls. Department head and senior technical expert for Boeing pilot controls engineering. Led Boeing 777 pilot controls development and Sr. Consultant for B787 pilot controls development.

Cal Potter

40 years of experience in high integrity controls architecture at Honeywell and Raytheon as a staff-level electrical lead

Larry Yount

35 years experience at Honeywell culminating as Senior Technical Fellow for High Integrity Controls. Founded Launchpoint Technologies in 2009, which has grown to be a trusted authority for autonomous vehicle safety analysis to the automotive industry.

Dewey Benson

30 years experience at Honeywell culminating as Senior Technical Fellow for actuation. Founded Energy Quest to pro­vide qualitatively improved cooling solutions for special US Military Vehicles

John Nicholas

20 years experience in the commercial aircraft industry as a mechanical and fly-by-wire flight/pilot controls design engineer and liai­son MRB engineer for Boeing, and other industry leaders.

Lawrence Horwitz

20 years experience as a SW entrepreneur who led the conception, development, and fielding of several multi-million dollar products.

Jeffrey Ives

20 years experience founding and leading successful busi­nesses in multiple industries

Other Partners

100 years experience developing EM actuation and controls for thrust vector, flight control, and pilot controls.